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If you are a connoisseur of the fine arts, the Newmark Theatre in Portland, Oregon, is certainly a place that you should visit. Established after a generous donation from Jeanne Mittleman Newmark and Herb Newmark, the theater received its name in 1992 – and ever since then, it has become a cultural landmark.

Featuring a total of 878 seats, the Newmark Theater is as spacious as it is intimate. Furthermore, considering that no seat is very far from the stage (65 feet at most), every guest will be able to get a full experience of the show. Plus, it was built in an Edwardian style, so every guest will be wrapped in elegance as they are witnessing the performances.

The Newmark Theater address is 1111 SW Broadway Ave., Portland, OR 97205, and you can find this theater as you step inside the Antoinette Hatfield Hall.


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SATAPR 117:30 PMOregon Ballet Theatre: Beautiful DecayTickets
SUNAPR 122:00 PMOregon Ballet Theatre: Beautiful DecayTickets

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The Newmark Theater Portland Seating

In front of the stage, there are three categories of seats that you can go for. Below, on the Orchestra Level, you have 426 seats from where you can perfectly see the stage. Each row has been incremented upward, so no guest will have their view obstructed by the people in the front.

Newmark Theatre

In the back, you have the balcony seats. The first balcony holds 265 guests, whereas the second balcony can host up to the 231. Furthermore, if you include the pit seats, the 878-people capacity of the Newmark Theatre Oregon turns into a 922 capacity.


The purpose of Newmark Theater Portland is to bring the fine arts to as many people as possible. This includes those who may need assistance of any type – including mobility, visual, or auditory type.

The theater staff prides themselves on the fact that they go beyond complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. As such, they are attempting to offer an exceptional experience for every member of the audience – regardless of their health condition.

In terms of accessibility, here is what the Newmark Portland Theater offers its guests, both regular and ADA-compliant alike.


The building features accessible entrances that everyone can easily go through – including those who are using a wheelchair. Furthermore, the establishment features elevators that operate between the ground and upper floors.


The Newmark Theatre in Portland Oregon itself does not feature its own parking slots. However, there are several options for visitors who are driving to a performance. They will simply have to go for the slots placed near the venue.

There is a street parking that is metered until 7 P.M. You are advised to obey the signs. You may also pay for surface lots – and for that, you will have to look for signs around the venue.

You also have the Smart Park parking garage that you can book early on based on your location. Bear in mind that the numbers are limited, which is why you may want to book your parking spot beforehand. This is particularly the case when a certain event brings many people to the Antoinette Hatfield Hall.

Accessible Seating

Aside from the regular seats within the venue, you can also purchase Newmark Theatre seating for people in a wheelchair, along with their companions. These wheelchair seats may be purchased in person, over the phone, or online.

If you come unaccompanied, the theater also provides personal assistance when accessing your seat. For further information regarding the purchase of these tickets, you may want to contact the Newmark Theatre Box Office.

Courtesy Wheelchair

People who wish to be transferred from their vehicle to their personal seat may request to be dropped off with a courtesy wheelchair, found in the coat check room of the venue. However, you may want to notify the Newmark Theater of your intentions in advance.

Accessible Restrooms

Every guest has access to multiple restrooms that are part of the venue. You may also find non-gender specific and companion care restrooms at the Keller Auditorium and at various points of the Antoinette Hatfield Hall.

Auditory Listening Devices

For those who have trouble hearing, the Newmark Theater has also installed multiple assistive listening devices throughout the venue. These systems may clarify and amplify the sound by cutting down or completely eliminating the ambient noise.

Headsets are distributed on a first come, first served basis, which is why you may want to arrive in a timely manner. You may also want to consult with your audiologist in the event that you require a neckloop for cochlear implants and hearing aids.

Sign Language Interpretation and Open Captions

Newmark Theatre

For those who do not have the ability to hear whatsoever, certain Newmark Theatre events are also assisted by sign language interpretation and open captions. However, the sign language interpreters must be requested at least 48 hours before the event. Depending on the availability of the interpreter, as well as the seating locations, you will be announced whether you can be assisted or not.

For open captioning, you are not required to bring your own equipment. You will be able to read a simultaneous translation of a text, as well as a description of the produced sounds. Still, not every event features these captions – so you might want to check the event description before purchasing a ticket.

Purchasing Tickets

You are advised to proceed with care when purchasing tickets other than the Newmark Theater Portland Oregon itself, as well as its official partners. The main box office will sell tickets for every event at the venue – and you may purchase them either online, by phone, or in person. You may also call the box office and make a reservation – after which you will pay for the ticket at the venue.

Bear in mind that the main office is open only until 5 P.M. and that it is closed on federal holidays. Online purchases can be made at any time, but they will only be recorded during working hours.

Once you have made your purchase of the ticket, all that it is left for you is to find your seat and enjoy the show!

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