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Before you go to study theater courses, you should be fully familiar with the nature of the profession.  Most teenagers who want to become artists and dream to enter the theater, are sure that this is a very simple profession that does not require certain mental and physical costs, and brings only fame. And who does not want to be famous, and at the same time do almost nothing? Today we will talk about the profession of the actor and will focus on the pros and cons of this kind of occupation.

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The advantages of the acting profession

  1. First, it is a very interesting profession. After graduating from the school of public speaking and becoming an artist, you will be able to constantly rotate in the circles of creative people, each of whom is unique and inimitable personality. Your life will be constantly painted only with the brightest colors. Theater and cinema – it is extremely fabulous and fascinating world. You will be one of the first who will learn about everything new that happens in the cinema and theater. In addition, you will be able to make something worthwhile in the art of our country.
  2. Secondly, becoming an actor, you will win fame and national love. You will be recognized on the street. You will have your own fans and maybe even a fan club.
  3. Third, working as an actor, you will be able to see new countries. Theatres always go on tour to different cities. Sometimes artists touring in other countries. If you plan to become a film artist, it is no less exciting profession. Most of the films are shot not only in our country, but also in other countries.
  4. Fourthly, only in the acting profession everything is possible. As an artist, you can stay in the role of completely different people, including robbers and bandits. And no one will punish you for that. You can also try yourself in different professions and in the role of people with different characters, conducting business negotiations will no longer be a problem for you. On stage, you can be a stupid and funny person, and no one will think badly of you. Artists can play people of the opposite sex. For example, if you are a man, you may have to play the role of a woman on stage. Than not fascinating and informative experience? To make sure of this and decide whether you need such a profession, you can first visit the Newmark Theater to feel the atmosphere and understand whether you like it.
  5. Fifth, the actor’s profession is one of the most socially significant. From the stage of the theater you will be able to convey to the mind and soul of the audience their views on life, philosophical position. The profession of an actor plays a special role in the formation of the future generation, its education and development.

In addition to all these advantages of the actor’s profession, it has its disadvantages.

  1. First, the acting profession is often associated with the risk of physical injury. Actors on stage and in the cinema perform the most incredible tricks. Sometimes the stunt guys do it, but only if the stunt is associated with the risk of their lives.
  2. Secondly, the actor is not only a profession, but also a lifestyle. Artists are fully committed to art and creativity. Actors are often compared to monks. People in this profession often do not have free time that they could devote to their personal life, their family. That’s why we often hear from the media about failed marriages of artists. Some people don’t get married or don’t get married at all.
  3. Third, becoming an actor, you should immediately tune in to the fact that on your creative path you will have to wait not only for fame and success, but also black stripes associated with a lull in career and popularity. To avoid this, you have to constantly work hard on yourself, on your talent. You have to constantly learn something, learn something new. For example, to attend a training for the development of creativity.It is recommended to engage in acting from an early age, for example, to visit a theater Studio for children. The only way you can constantly be on the fashion wave among the most popular actors of our country.