This article is dedicated to the Newmark Theatre (Portland, Oregon). If you dream of becoming an Actor or Director do not sit idle, go to study. And even better — learn without ceasing.

Someone wants to do, someone wants to learn something useful, new, interesting. And the entrant and “self-taught” will be interested to know how to become really successful. In addition to the banal and well-known truth “work, work, work»

The theater has developed for itself and adheres to two rules:

  • First: “Everything should be logical”
    This means that the words “do Not believe” (in Your address) will sound less and less. After all, this theater cares about the veracity of what is happening on stage.
  • And the second: “first, the development of personality → then the development of the skill of text analysis → and only then help in the preparation of the program, already selected and disassembled by you and\or staging a mini-play with your participation in the main role.”

Teachers will help you to understand the basics of acting, started to analyze the works, increase your erudition and understanding of the world of cinema and theater, in which you are so eager to get.

How to become a successful actor?

Newmark Theatre

Actor is probably one of the most difficult professions.
In addition, it requires a huge time and mental costs, it combines the knowledge and skills of many other professions.

Each young talent has its advantages and disadvantages: someone has a bright appearance or strong energy, someone has his own special character, someone has a loud, sonorous voice and clear speech, someone has a flexible and plastic body that allows you to Express yourself, others have a unique sense of rhythm or hearing, etc. But if you want to be an actor, you must have all of the above.

It would seem that you go to a Theater University just to be taught everything there. But ask anyone who entered the Acting Department or just look at the composition of students enrolled in the first year, all of them are United not zero level.

The reality of students of most theater schools is that the competition is so high that the masters can afford to take not just gifted and talented children, but only those who already have basic training and a certain level.

It is enough that it would seem the first three rounds are the same – the children’s program, it is not so. You will check not only the prepared material.

What you have to do on tours. Things don’t usually talk about, but everyone knows.

First of all, on the first round you will need to stand out from the crowd. But it is foolish to rely on the uniqueness of the program (modern or unusual works only repel the Commission as a sign of conceit and show-off). The same does not help a bright or noisy, set the intonation or expressive clothing. You can only impress with your personal unique charm and charisma.

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Surely you will decide to prepare with a tutor. What obstacles can arise?

Choosing a Studio or tutor to prepare for admission, first of all, do not look at the names or titles, but at what is going to develop in you.

It is very important that the actor is not a doll and the teacher should not directly show how to read or control the intonation to the smallest notes. After all, you act, not the people who prepare you! It is important that your training begins with the development of personality and individuality, then the development of your text analysis skills (at the auditions you can always see how much you understand what you are reading about or this sense is imposed on you by someone), and only then the preparation of the program on the basis of the selected and disassembled works.

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You should feel comfortable:

Although you will have separate tours of speech and movement, but do not think that in the second round no one will pay attention to how comfortable you feel in your body and how you own the voice. Theatre definitely draws attention to your well-being before the public. It helps to develop confidence, activity and ease. After a while, you really start to feel the stiffness go away. And it’s not just the exercises, it’s also the knowledge that you get. Who knows — he believes he is right.

Vocal skills:

To all of the above in the third round you are likely to be asked to sing, and there will be evaluated not only the singing itself (the technique can be developed), but also the ability to convey the subtext and create an atmosphere. And the subtext and atmosphere is the analysis of the work, to which we pay great attention.

Personal erudition:

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that General theatrical erudition is required for admission. Answer yourself honestly to the question, will the acting Department take someone who does not know in which country and when the theater appeared, who was the first playwright, etc.? And these are only the most superficial questions. Of course, you will not be given a test at the entrance, but an understanding of the theatrical world, both modern and its history will greatly affect your behavior and the way to keep yourself in the Colloquium.

All these little things will affect your future, so you can not miss anything! When deciding where to prepare for admission, it is important to take this fact into account: comprehensive development is necessary.
Most theater courses in theaters offer all the necessary items for admission in the complex: acting, stage movement, vocal, makeup, stage speech, theater history, stage fencing, improvisation. Very small groups allow you to approach the students individually and develop each individual is not a template, and in a separate plane.
To help prepare for admission can Tutors – students of theater schools: actors, Directors, speeches, producers. Rotating in acting and student circles, they perfectly understand your experiences and aspirations, because a few years ago they were in your place.