Acting skills are needed not only on stage professional artists, they will be useful in everyday life. Who needs and why need to cry specifically and quickly? Situations can be mass: on the nose a terrible exam and you are not ready for it, suddenly there was some kind of an awkward family situation and need a little “play” to positively solve, and more. Perhaps you have had similar moments that you want to leave nicely or went with acting ability.

There are several ways that will help to quickly cause tears. For actors, this is mandatory knowledge and skills acquired in acting courses, which they use in stage work. They can be useful to all in certain situations.

All techniques can be divided into several categories:

  1. deep emotional experiences
  2. autosuggestion
  3. grocery “tricks»
  4. use of medical devices

Just be warned that the techniques that allow you to learn how to cry quickly for no reason, using products and medical products should be used with great care, so as not to harm health!

Evoke emotions

Memories – a powerful emotional catalyst, this is one of the most effective ways to stop being shy and quickly make yourself cry. This method is natural and confirms the sincerity of emotions. Anyone can use it, for this you need to try to remember any event in life, which is associated with a strong shock. It can be joyful or sad, but certainly very strong. Immerse yourself in it, try to relive the emotions until the moment when the lump came to the throat, and the body will run a shiver. This is exactly the state when tears come to the eyes.

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How to immerse yourself in a memory

To immerse yourself in the memory, acting is not necessary, it is enough to abstract from the world, to disconnect and focus on their internal experiences. Memories that you choose, you need not just to scroll in memory, as a film, it is important as much as possible to try to live past emotions and feelings. As if to plunge into a situation anew, to revive everything in memory from the beginning to the end. Detail in detail and detail what you can remember, and relive it again. In such action the tears themselves will start to dimmed eyes.
Memories do not have to be sad, it can be a joyful event. It is necessary to focus on your feelings and make a choice from your emotional “baggage”.

Additional funds

Let’s talk about other ways to learn how to artificially cry at any time, namely, how to properly use some products and medicines in order to plausibly shed a tear.

Onion hurries to help

The classic situation with onions is familiar to all: when cutting this vegetable tears from the eyes pour themselves. Onion cells contain a special substance that can irritate the mucous membrane of the eye and cause a natural protective reaction in the form of tears. Therefore, if you take a piece of freshly cut onions or its juice and bring it to your eyes for a short time, the effect will come quite quickly.

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Refreshing menthol

Means with content menthol, too, can help in this fact. You need to apply a little bit of this ointment or drops on the area of the bridge of the nose or a place close to the eyes. Menthol evaporation will quickly provoke tears.
But in any case, do not apply funds to the eyelids or mucous eyes! This can cause irritation and even burn.


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There is another way to safely cause tears. To do this, you need to dry the mucous membrane of the eye. It’s simple: you need to open your eyes as wide as possible and try not to blink. You will quickly feel the mucous membrane of the eye begin to dry up. After that, you need to blink several times in a row, while the moisture mechanism starts, and the tear glands will fill your eyes with tears.
There is another way: to quickly to cry, need stronger than yawn. In this case try to bring the tension of the vocal cords. In this case, the eyes begin to water involuntarily after a few seconds.

Eye drops

Among the drugs there are safe for such purposes – sulfatsil sodium or sulfacetamide. These drops are mild antiseptics and are used at the first signs of conjunctivitis or other eye inflammation. One or two drops, instilled in the eyes, will cause a small amount of tears.

Actors’ tips

For the appearance of tears scene masters are recommended to use the method of auto-suggestion. Although this method is one of the most difficult, but it is effective, allows you to get rid of complexes, and it can be mastered with the help of regular training.

A person needs to fully focus on himself and tune in to a special wave. Here it is important not just to give yourself the installation “I want to cry”, and try to cause a nervous impulse that will provoke tears. This method is widely used by actors with experience who can deeply and organically get used to the role. However, sensitive people with subtle perception can also successfully use this method.

The method of self-hypnosis requires quite a long preliminary practice. It can be used more effectively in combination with strong memories from the past. Artists recommend during practice to connect facial expressions: facial muscles have their own memory. If they take a position that is characteristic of crying, then the human brain receives an additional nerve signal that provokes a response in the form of tears.