The fascinating world of theater stage, warm lights of the ramp and endless possibilities of interesting work on the roles – all this attracts creative young people who are actively looking for themselves and ways to Express themselves. Who among us has not dreamed of playing on stage in the theater, to speak in front of a breathless audience? Certainly, many. But someone dreams, and someone – actively acts for achievement of the purpose.

It is no secret that it is not easy to enter a theater UNIVERSITY or school. The competition for training places is always large, and the selection is quite tough. People who would like to connect their lives with the acting profession, every year when entering a lot of screened out. Some of them continue to persist and try to do again, and someone decides that he will be able to make an acting career sooner or later without a theatrical diploma.

Myths and reality

Dreams – it’s good, but there is a reality and statistics, which suggests that in practice, just “from the street” to get to the theater and start playing is not easy. In the state theater without a diploma of special appropriate education will not be able to get exactly, but in various private theater organizations to get more real. And here there are several options for development and self-development that can give you a chance:

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  1. We dismiss complexes, doubts and uncertainty. If you want to become an actor and interact with the public – this is the first mandatory step.
  2. We practice as often as possible: performances in the company of friends will help to overcome excessive constraint and will help to open your talent. Getting used to public speaking is better to start in the circle of those you know, gradually expanding the audience.
  3. We’re training to be charming. Openness and amiability colors of any individual, but for the actor’s required features. Do not be afraid to show your emotions – it will help to be liberated and will make you more interesting for interlocutors.
  4. In parallel with self-development, it will be useful to find acting courses and start studying with a professional teacher. Of course, you can learn some individual skills and exercises on your own, but it is much better if you learn from a sensible professional teacher who will guide you, point out mistakes and Orient you.
  5. We pay special attention to the development of speech! For an actor, the ability to speak beautifully, clearly, distinctly and convincingly means a lot. This is a mandatory component of the profession, so take time and effort to engage in scenic speech. As in the case of acting lessons, these lessons are much more effective to take from the teacher. Or to be engaged in a complex on courses on actor’s skill.
  6. Together with developing classes, it is necessary to monitor information about open castings for performances, if any, are held in your city.
  7. Make a resume with a detailed description of the skills, abilities and acting experience, if any. Even if it is small, you still need to describe it.
  8. Start to prepare the program, to train and to practice the acquired knowledge.

Ideally, these three points should be combined, but if there is at least one of them, then the rest can be “tightened”by hard work.

We all know that not always a diploma of education gives a ticket to your favorite profession. However, it is precisely that hard work, perseverance and self-education always lead to a good result and goals.

It is obvious that theatrical skills will be badly given to the person far from creativity and art, but if you are inclined to create also a scene for you – an integral part of life, it is necessary to develop it. It is possible to examine your talent in the Newmark Theater.

Is it possible to perform without theatrical education

The profession of an actor is multifaceted, it combines the very acting skills, the ability to organically get used to the image, to be honest and sincere in it – because only in this case the viewer will believe and will empathize. But in addition – staged speech, plastic, stage movement, the ability to sing, dance and more.

It is possible to perform on stage without a diploma of theater University, but without knowledge and live practice it is unlikely to succeed. In order to master acting skills, you will have to work hard.

In what theaters there is a chance to get

If you work hard, practice and develop in your chosen business, then your chances of getting to the stage increase every day. But still, if you do not have a theatrical education, confirmed by a diploma, you should not expect that you will just be hired in the state theater. However, there is a way, about it a little below.

Theatrical studio

Let’s try to theoretically build a “career” ladder for a person without special education who wants to become an actor and play on stage. At the initial stage of your development, the easiest way will be to get into the theater Studio. Here, within the framework of different theater classes and lessons, you will have a live practice: you will take part in different productions and performances, try your hand in a particular role. In the process, you yourself will gradually begin to feel the “ground under your feet”, to understand what you manage well, and what requires more attention and study.

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Private theatre

Then, as you gain experience you can already try to send resume to various open auditions to the performances, on the acting of the stock exchange and try to get a job in private theatres. Here you will need to maximize their acting skills, charisma, charm and charm. In General – to act fully armed.

State theatre

In that case, when you already have experience on stage, have a good command of the basic techniques of acting and stage speech and at the same time have a goal sooner or later to start working in the state theater, then it’s time to think about getting a diploma in the specialty. It often happens that the state agencies take on the work of young actors, who do not have documents about higher education, but learning. Simply put, as a student of the theater University, to get such a job is much more real.

It is worth remembering that in any theater the possibility or impossibility of hiring largely depends on the Director. If the Manager sees in you that bright spark of talent and diligence, then you can get your “lucky ticket” to the stage.

In any case, if the theater is yours, if the soul sings and behind the back if the wings unfold when you speak to the public, then move and develop in this direction.