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If you decide to go to acting courses and become a professional actor, then before starting such training you need to be sure to get acquainted with the qualities of character and inclinations that every creative person who devotes his life to cinema or theater should have. Some of them, although they play a key component of the artist’s career success, can be opened and developed in the process of studying. But there are the main qualities of a good actor, which must be present at the beginner in the form of inclinations, because they are either difficult or impossible to develop.

What talents should have a future actor before training

This list will be useful to study for students of theater Universities and schools-studios at theaters, because these qualities in it largely determine the chances of being selected. Despite the common misconception, the selection Committee at the entrance exams almost does not look at the professional skill of the applicant. In the end, the applicant did not come to the casting, do not get a job, and learn the skill of the actor, and it would be strange if he already had it. But as a prospective entrant which has the potential to become a sought-after artist after training, the Commission will seek to identify its natural data, and inclinations.

In the world of theater and film practice, there are many cases when an unremarkable student became the brightest star of his time. Therefore, you should not give up if you do not meet any of the following criteria.

Here is a short list of qualities that must have a candidate for the actor’s future:

  1. Appearance. Expressive appearance – is a given by nature, which the actor must have. Neither the makeup artist or costume designer won’t be able to replace it, and to spoil.
  2. Voice data and speech without defects. The strength of the voice and the breadth of its range can be developed in vocal and speech classes, but nothing can be done about the timbre. The timbre of the voice is as unique as the retina or the fingerprint. If your voice according to the tone characteristics can be defined as unpleasant or nasty, in the best case you are waiting for specific character roles.
  3. Sense of rhythm. This quality is quite possible to develop, but only if it is available in the form of a minimum Deposit. 100% arrhythmic people are very rare, but they exist. Unfortunately, the road to the stage is closed for such people.
  4. Ear for music. As is the case with the sense of rhythm, there is a very small percentage of people who do not have any musical ear at all and are not able to develop it.
  5. Satisfactory physical shape and plasticity. The actor does not have to be an athlete, but you should be ready for physical activity. Training involves classes in acrobatics, choreography and specific types of stage movement (for example, staged fights). Physical endurance and plasticity can be developed in the learning process, but it will be easier for the student who already has primary training in this direction.
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8 main acting qualities

Among the huge variety of desirable but secondary characteristics there are professional qualities of the actor, without which no one has achieved success on the big stage or screen, which possessed all the great speakers without exception. Fortunately, the vast majority of these qualities are not as invariable a natural fact as facial features or voice timbre: they can be developed in the learning process and improved during the stage practice all my life.

For the actor are critical moral and volitional characteristics such as diligence, hard work, stress resistance, the ability to achieve their own, the ability to defend their point of view and others.

This list should be studied by anyone who claims to be a high title of theater and film actor. This is the necessary data that should be sought in the first place, if you do not have them.

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  1. The first most important quality of a professional actor is his determination in everything. Actors are people who can’t doubt anything. Throwing from one decision to another can not lead you to the final point, but rather to fame and success. Next to this quality is self-confidence. They can be combined into one. Without self-confidence there is no determination.
  2. The second, no less important quality of a professional actor is the pursuit of perfection. The sphere of theatrical art and show business is connected with the constant struggle for fame and success. Only a person who strives for perfection, and therefore constantly develops and learns, is able to constantly be in the center of attention, as they say, on the right “wave”.
  3. Imaginative and abstract thinking are very important features of a professional actor. They are the main assistants of the artist in creation of the brightest and individual image of this or that hero on a scene.
  4. Good memory. All actors constantly have to keep in mind a large amount of information. They teach a lot of poetry and plays by heart. Except verbal memory, the actor should possess and memory on movement and gestures. Artists should be able to move and dance plastically.
  5. Every actor is a talented speaker. You have to present your monologue so as to reach not only the mind of the viewer, but also to his heart, soul. Acting profession is one of the most socially significant. With the help of art can directly influence the education of future generations. The achievement of the goal depends on how correctly and competently, as well as beautifully presented the actor’s speech. As a speaker, the artist must be fluent in facial expressions and gestures.
  6. A professional actor should have the ability to change the timbre of his voice. In addition, his speech should not have physiological defects.
  7. Physical endurance. Actors often have to work in an irregular schedule without sleep and food.
  8. It is very important that the actor had an aesthetic taste, a sense of rhythm and love for everything beautiful.
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All these qualities should be in every professional actor. You can identify your full compliance with the above, for example, by taking a course of theatrical skill and pay more attention to aspects such as the development of voice power, the development of facial expressions, creative skills, etc. After all, you can becomethe part of the acting troupe of the Newmark Theater.